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Polish readers leave newspapers

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

All Polish newspapers have seen their readership drop in the last five years according to Millward Brown’s PBC research.

Fakt and Gazeta Wyborcza change positions but dropped from reaching 20% of the population to less than 12%.

Free daily Metro (by Agora) is now third with 5.7%, tabloid Super Express is fourth.

Also Rzeczpospolita (Mecom, for sale), sports paper Przeglad Sportowy (small rise in 2012) and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna lost readers compared to 2007.


MetroXpress still leading in Denmark

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

With 440,000 readers in Q4 2011 / Q1 2012 (TNS/Gallup) MetroXpress is still the best read newspaper in Denmark. Politiken follows with 385,000 readers.

MetroXpress seems to profit somewhat from the closure of free competitor Urban, free daily 24timer, however, lost readership.

Data are not perfectely comparable as the other data represent the first and last six month of each year.


Readership 20 Minutos under 2 million

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

For the first time since 2004, readership of fre daily 20 Minutos has dropped below the 2 million mark.

The 2012-data are from October 2011 – May 2012 and differ slightly from the April 2011 – March 2012 data reported earlier (except for the disapearance of ADN and Qué!). The gap between Marca and 20 Minutos, however, increased.

Later 2012 data will show more readers for all sports papers (as a result of the succesful European Championship) while 20 Minutos could profit from the closure of ADN and Qué!


Italy: readers & circulation

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

After long years of relative stability, paid newspaper circulation in Italy started to drop in 2008 and the next years.

Between 2007 and 2010 paid circulation went from 5.5 million tot 4.6 million. If this trend goes on, paid circulation will be around 4.1 million at the end of 2012 (estimation).

Also free circulation dropped substantially. In 2008 it was 4.6 million, almost 50% of the total Italian newspaper market. In 2012 free circulation is down to 1.9 million after closures of free dailies City, E Polis and 24minuti and lower circulation for remaining titles Leggo, Metro, DNews and InCitta.


The last complete readership and circulation data are from 2010. When these data are combined, it shows that sports paper Gazzetta dello Sport is read by no less than 13.2 people, Corriere dello Sport lags behind with ‘only’ 8.6 readers.

Most national paid papers have a high number of readers per copy (around 7). Business paper Il Sole 24 Ore and the Berlusconi-paper Il Giornale have ‘only’ 4.3/4.2 readers per copy.

Free papers show a low number of readers per copy. The now-defunct City (closed in the beginning of 2012) had 2 readers per copy, Metro and Leggo 1.7 and DNews less than 1. One of the reasons could be that circulation data (not officially audited in Italy) are lower than reported.


Since 2010 all papers, however, have lost circulation, so 2011/2012 data could show a slightly different picture.

France: circulation & readership

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Half of the French adult population (25.5 of the 51 million) claims to read a daily newspaper. This number has even gone up in the last years, although this might be attributed to a change in research method by Audipresse in 2011.

More than 18 million people read a regional newspaper, 8 million read a national paper while 6 million people read a free daily.

In 2011 free daily 20 Minutes has more than 4 million readers according to the Audipresse 2011 research, followed by free dailies Metro and Direct/Plus. Direct has the highest circulation in France, but only 2.7 readers per copy. Metro (4.0) and 20 Minutes (4.4) do much better.

Winners in readers-per-copy are left-wing daily Liberation (7.9 readers), sports paper L’Equipe (7.3.) and quality paper Le Monde (6.1 readers). Sports papers usually have a high number of readers per copy – with Liberation and Le Monde we are probably dealing with “wishful reading” by respondents.

france_2011Because of a change in method, readership results cannot be be compared to previous years, but the differences are striking. Except for L’Equipe (-6%) and Figaro (-2%) all French papers saw readership increase. Free papers saw the largest increase. A rise of 55% for 20 Minutes – the paper increased circulation with 27% – and +49% for Direct/Plus (35% increase in circulation).

Denmark: readers per copy

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

denmark_readers_per_copy_2012Danish free papers Metro (called MetroXpress in Denmark) and 24timer (also majority owned by Metro International) are the papers with the highest circulation in the country. In total readership Metro is leading as well.

When it comes to readers per copy, however, both papers lag behind with slightly over 2 readers per copy.

Tabloids Ekstra Bladet (4.3. readers) and B.T. (3.9 readers) are leading the pack. Politiken (3.9) and Jyllands Posten (3.5) are third and fourth. (Click on graph for bigger version.)

Data (2011) for readership is from TNS/Gallup, circulation from Dansk Oplagskontrol.

Czech Republic: readers per copy

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

czech_readers_per_copy_2010The average paid Czech newspaper is read by 4 people. Sport is even read by 5 people.

Free paper Metro has only 1.4 readers per copy, free busines paper E15 has less than 1 reader per copy.

The left axis shows readership and circulation, the right axis the number of readers per copy (click on graph for bigger version).

Data come from World Press Trend 2011 and some publishers. There is more recent circulaiton data for the Audit Bureau of Circulations Czech Republic – both free paper lowered circulation recently – but no recent readership data from GFK.

Austrians and Germans control Croatian papers

Friday, June 15th, 2012

croatia_readers_circ_2010Paid/free paper 24sata (Austrian publisher Styria) has the highest circulation in Croatia, followed by Vecernji List (also Styria) and Jutarnji List (German published WAZ). Fourth is Slobodna Dalmacija (also WAZ).

WAZ also owns sports paper Sportske Novosti while Styria published economic paper Poslovni Dnevik.

24 Sata’s circulation in 2012 is almost 200,000 – 50,000 is published for free as an afternoon paper.

The graph shows 2010 data (no later data for circulation of all titles and readership available). The number of readers per copy is rather high, with 6.0 for 24sata. There is no data, however, on how Mediapuls measures readership.

Belgium Metro loses readers

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

belgium_2003_2011_NLAfter years of almost continuous growth, both Metro-editions in Belgium (Concentra) lost readers in 2010/2011 compared to previous years.

The CIM-data for Dutch language papers shows (right, click for bigger version) that also market leader Het Laatste Nieuws, Gazet van Antwerpen and quality paper De Standaard are losing readers.

Het Nieuwsblad, De Morgen and Belang van Limburg show a stable pattern.

In terms of readers per copy, Metro reaches 3 readers with one newspaper. Paid papers reach around 4 readers per paper.

belgium_2003_2011_FRSud Presse and La Derniere Heure are the only French language Belgium papers with more readers than in the previous period (left, click for bigger version).

Le Soir  and Metro are both losing readers. Metro (French) reaches almost 5 readers per copy.

Metro (both editions) is the third newspaper in Belgium with 900,000 readers after Het Laatste Nieuws and Het Nieuwsblad. In total the paper reaches 3.6 readers per copy.

Readers per copy: Austria

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

heute_readers_per_copyFree daily Heute – the only national all-free daily in the country – has increased circulation and readership during the last years.

The number of readers per copy, however, is stil low (1.6 in 2011) although it has increased over the last years.

Circulation of free/paid paper Österreich is no longer audited by ÖAK so the number of readers per copy is not easy to assess. However, based on data from previous years it is probably around 1.5.

A low number of readers per copy (in the Netherlands is is well above 3) suggest problems with distribution (outside public transport) on many copies not picked up.

Paid paper in Austria have more readers per copy, leading tabloids Kronen Zeitung and Kurier, and quality paper Der Standard havebetween 3 and 4 readers per copy.

Readership data are from (Click on picture for bigger version)