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Two new print editions for Metro Canada

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

saskmapMetro Canada will expand to six new cities on April 2, 2012.

Metro will launch in Saskatoon and Regina in the province of Saskatchewan with a daily print edition.

In Hamilton, Kitchener, Windsor and Victoria Metro will launch digital-only.

Saskatchewan is the third-fastest growing province in Canada. The print editions will be distributed by hand promoters, in street boxes and at other strategic locations. Daily circulation is expected to rise to 20,000 copies in each market.

“Delhi on the go” launches

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Dehli_on_the_go_2011After free daily Ergo closed in 2009, there were no free dailies in India. In October 2011, however, India has again a free daily.

The 16-page tabloid Delhi On The Go launched officially on October 12, although there are digital copies available from the end of September.

The paper is published by Go Info Media, a company by  young entrepreneurs Ankit Dhawan and Virat Mohan.

Circulation of the new paper is 10,000.

Metro Guadalagara

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Metro International today launched its third Mexican ‘Publimetro’ edition in Guadalajara. In 2006 Mexico City started, in 2008 an edition in Monterry was launched.

The Guadalagara Publimetro has a circulation of 45,000 copies from Monday to Friday, and is hand delivered by 50 promoters at strategic locations in Guadalajara.

Metro in Mexico has now a total circulation of 245,000 copies.

With 4.4 million inhabitants, the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area is the second most populated in Mexico.

The launch is already the sixth Metro launch in Latin America this year after Peru, Guatemala, Colombia and th Belo Horizonte and Curitiba editions in Brazil.

Earlier two free dailies were available in Guadalagara. El Nuveo Siglio (weekly since 2000) went daily in 2004 but moved to online only in 2010. El Tren started in 2000 but is now only published three days a week.

M2F new free daily for Bangkok

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Screen shot 2011-10-12 at 11.40.18 AMSince yesterday, the new M2F (Monday to Friday) free Thai-language daily is published in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

The paper has a circulation of 400,000 and is published by Post Publishing Plc, the owner of the Bangkok Post and Post Today.

The paper is distributed through 200 spots in the city.

Post editor-in-chief Pichai Chuensuksawadi said in the Bangkok Post the content of M2F will differ from the Bangkok Post and Post Today: ”It will focus on what is relevant to the life of office workers and early morning commuters — snappy and concise news, human interest stories as well as useful information on health, work and modern lifestyle.” The tabloid-sized paper will also offer news and articles on shopping, dining, nightlife and celebrity gossip.

In 2008 another free daily was launched in Bangkok – the Daily Express by The Nation – but this paper seems to have disappeared.

Metro Brazil launching in Belo Horizonte

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

BeloHorizonte2011Metro International and Grupo Bandeirantes launched a new edition in Belo Horizonte on September 30.

The Belo Horizonte edition has a circulation of 40,000 and is hand delivered by 100 promoters at 80 strategic locations.

Metro launched in Sao Paulo in 2007, in the ABC area (Greater São Paulo: Santo André, São Bernardo do Campo, São Caetano do Sul) and Santos in 2009, in Campinas and Rio de Janeiro in 2010, and Curitiba in 2011. Metro’s total circulation in Brazil is 400,000 daily copies.

With 2.4 million inhabitants, Belo Horizonte is the sixth most populated city in Brazil, and fourth in terms of GDP. The city will be host to the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and sub-host to the Olympic Games in 2016. Belo Horizonte is the fourth largest newspaper market in Brazil, with an estimated size of € 39 million according to IBOPE. (Metro Press release)

20 minuti

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

20-minutiSome free newspapers have two different language editions (Belgium, Luxembourg, Baltic states, Spain) but the new launch in Switzerland is probably the first paper with three different language editions.

Since three weeks a Italian language version of free daily 20 Minuten is available in Ticino, the Italian speaking part of the country.

The paper launched September 14, and has a circulation of 36,000. Distribution will be through boxes in 245 public places.

The paper is jointly owned by Tamedia (20 Minuten, 20 Minutes) and Giacomo Salvioni, publisher of paid daily La Regione Ticino. 20 Minuti is printed by Ringier. (Persoenlich)

The German version launched in 1999, and grew to five editions in 2005. The French version was launched in 2006 and now publishes two versions. Total circulation al all editions is 740,000.

Free newspaper war in Hong Kong

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

headlinefinanceHong Kong has free dailies since 2002 when Metro launched. Headline Daily, AM730 (both 2005) and The Standard (2007, former paid business paper) brought the total number of papers to four. In total these free daily newspapers have a joint circulation of 1.7 million, with Headline Daily being the largest (800,000 copies). The Standard is published in English, the others in Chinese.

The number of free dailies, however, almost doubled in the last months. The Hong Kong free newspaper war kicked off with the launch of  Headlinefinance in July, a free financial newspaper by Headline Daily publisher Sing Tao (right). The paper was introduced as an insert in Headline Daily but from August on it was also available separately. The paper can be read online as e-paper as well. Stand-alone circulation of the paper is unknown.

Sky PostThe Hong Kong Economic Times started a free Chinese-language daily, called Sky Post (left) on July 27 – print run 500,000. The paper counts 32 pages daily and carries as slogan “Happy Everyday”. Sky Post claims to be Funny, Inspiring, Surprising and Trendy and focuses on local and entertainment news. Also Sky Post has an e-paper version.

Next Media, owned by tycoon Jimmy Lai and publisher of paid paper Apple Daily has launched a Chinese langage free newspaper called Sharp Daily on September 17. The paper claims a circulation of 800,000. The paper so far only has a mobile website. A video of the launch is on YouTube. Next Media already publishes a free Sharp Daily In Taiwan. This edition started in 2006 and has a circulation of 175,000.

Also the Oriental Press Group (Oriental Daily) is expected to launch a new Chinese language title.

Meanwhile, the Sing Tao News Corporation acquired a new printing press that is capable of increasing the print run of Headline Daily to 1.5 million (from 800,000 copies now).

Paid newspapers Oriental Daily News and The Sun lowered their prices to HK$5 and HK$4, respectively. (South China Morning Post, Jakarta Globe, Marketing-Interactive,

Free weekly launched in Dubai

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

read_2011Read. – a free weekly targeted at commuters on the Dubai Metro, was launched at the end of June. Every day, some 180,000 commuters use the new underground system in Dubai. (Earlier the plans suggested a free daily.)

The weekly is published every Sunday in English and is distributed on 27 Red Line stations. From September 2011 on it will expand distribution to 16 Green Line stations.

Read. is produced by and distributed by Kassab Media. The paper counts 48 pages at least and has a circulation of 80,000.

Managing Editor of Read. is Arnold Pinto.

Littering is not encouraged by the paper, as it is stated in the FAQ:

“Any Read. copy that is deliberately thrown onto the floor is considered as an act of littering and attracts a fine of AED200 for littering the metro premises.”

Also published in Dubai is free daily 7Days, owned by Associated Newspapers (UK), publisher of the London Metro.

reading read

Metro launches in Winnipeg & London (Ca)

Monday, April 4th, 2011

metro_winnipeg_2011Two Metro editions were launched in Canada today: Winnipeg and London (click for bigger view).

Winnipeg will have a circulation of 40,000 while distribution in London will be 35,000.

The nine editions in Canada (also Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax) now have a joint circulation of almost 900,000.

20 Minutes France

Monday, March 21st, 2011

20MinutesFranceThe expanded distribution of 20 Minutes in France has not led to new editions of the free paper by Schibsted and Sofiouest (Groupe Ouest France) but to a national edition, called simply ‘France’.

Circulation of the new edition, that is distributed in several mid-size cities in France, is probably around 150,000 as 20 Minutes wanted to increase total circulation to one million and it had a circulation of 840,000 in 2010.

The national edition is the 13th edition of 20 Minutes. Competition in France between 20 Minutes, Bolloré’s Direct and Metro will further increase.