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Free newspaper war looms in Austria

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

kronen abend 2015Kronen Zeitung, the largest paid newspaper in Austria, is pushing its afternoon edition in capital Vienna to compete with free newspapers Heute and Österreich.

The afternoon edition is given away in taxi’s (3000 copies per day) and will be sold through the typical Austrian “newspaper bags” for €1 in 130 places according to Der Standard.

These bags are in Austria often referred to as “Klaubeutel” (steal bags) as many people take a paper but don’t pay or pay less than the price.

Kronen is still by far the best-read paper in the country with a 32 percent reach, far ahead of Heute (13 percent) and Österreich (10 percent).

But in Vienna Heute is the best-read paper with a reach of 36 percent against 25 percent for Kronen and 23 percent for Österreich. (data Media-Analyse 2013/2014)

Paid newspaper Kurier – the fourth paper in Vienna (17 percent reach) – is planning to convert its ailing afternoon edition (sales not more than a few hundred copies) into a free evening edition in February according to Der Standard. The paper will be free in the beginning at least, will be printed in half the size of Kurier (half Berliner) and be available from 16:00 on.

More on Austria in an earlier post on Newpsaper Innovation.

Second Kenya free daily within 6 months

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

people-daily_2014A few months after the launch of XNEWS, the first Kenyan free daily (see previous post), a second free newspaper entered the scene: People Daily.

This paper was formerly the paid The People newspaper while claims to be the first ‘national’ free daily – as XNEWS is only distributed in Nairobi.

The paper is published by Mediamax Network Ltd. (founded in 2009), a media firm active in radio and TV.

Mediamax is a media company associated with President Uhuru Kenyatta according to allAfrica. This website quotes Aly-Khan Satchu, chief executive officer of Nairobi-based Rich Management Ltd.:

“The owners have deep pockets and possess political raison d’etre, and most probably the goal is to give the allies of the president a platform that can reach the masses”

People Daily wants to compete the Daily Nation (circulation around 170,000) and The Standard (48,000), it claims to distribute 110,000 copies.

Free daily newspapers have been scarce in sub-Sahara Africa, only South-Africa had some titles a few years ago. Also a government-owned free daily is published in Botswana. Free weeklies are more common.

XNEWS Nairobi

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

xnews_nairobi_2014Free paper XNEWS in the Kenian capital Nairobi is now published for almost 6 months. It was launched on March 30 of this year.

The paper is published in the afternoons, five days a week, and usually counts 16 pages.

XNews has a circulation of 25,000 to 35,000 copies and wants to expand that to 50,000 by the end of the year according to Ghafla! that also states that it wants to compete in circulation with the two leading papers in Kenya: Nation and The Standard.

Publisher is Paul Marshall; Neema Wamae (formerly working for Nation and The Standard) is the commercial director while Brian Moseti (formerly The Standard) is editor (Newslineafrica).

E-papers can be viewed on

Metro launches in Nicaragua

Monday, October 21st, 2013

metro_nicaragua_2013With the Nicaragua edition, launched bij Metro International on Monday October 14, Metro is now published in nine Latin American countries.

Communication is through Twitter and the Metro Facebook page. the online edition can be viewed here.

The circulation of the new edition is not yet known.

Earlier Metro launched in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia and Puerto Rico.The Argentinian edition was closed down.

New free daily for Lake Placid (NY)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

In the US state of NY a new free daily will be published until September 6 of this year. The paper will be called “Visiting Lake Placid” and is targeted at the summer visitors.

The paper is published by Lake Placid News. Circulation is unknown.

Earlier holliday free dailies were published in Cape Cod (Cape Cod Day), York (MA) and Portsmouth (NH) (the Daily Beachcomber).

Metro Denmark goes blue

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

metroXpress_2013The sale of the Danish edition of Metro (called MetroXpress) to Swiss publisher Tamedia has resulted in a total makeover of the last remaining  free newspaper in that country.

The paper has kept the ‘metroxpress’ name, but changed the green color to blue (like the color of their Swiss free daily 20 Minuten) and introduced the ‘MX’ brand in a new logo (right, click on picture for bigger version). The new website is now

This new brand was introduced on April 2, the paper has a circulation of 400,000.

This weekend version counted no less than 64 pages, it can be viewed as e-paper as well.

Sister paper 24timer closed down last month.

Tamedia also operates a free newspaper in Luxembourg, together with incumbent publishing house Editpress. The Swiss paper is published in three different languages: German, French and Italian.

Free paper for Tahiti

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Screen shot 2012-10-30 at 9.43.34 AMLe Gratuit de Tahiti will launch on the Polynesian Island group on November 6.

The paper will have a circulation of 25,000 and will be distributed three days a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday).

Le Gratuit is published by le groupe Media Polynésie that also publishes two paid newspapers on the islands (La Nouvelles).

Metro launches in Puerto Rico

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Metro International expands in Latin America by launching a free daily newspaper in Puerto Rico. Metro will be launched in the capital city San Juan in October. Readers can get a sneak peak copy of the newspaper already on 2 October.

Metro has already editions in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala and Colombia. With the addition of Puerto Rico, Metro will be consolidating its presence in Latin America reaching 8 countries in the region.

Puerto Rico is the 4th largest newspaper advertising market in Latin America. The population of the San Juan metropolitan area, including the inner city and its municipalities, is 2 million.

The Puerto Rico print edition will be hand delivered by distributors Monday to Friday at strategic locations to reach the target audience. A joint venture company has been created together with PR Media Partners LLC, in which Metro holds 70 percent of the shares. PR Media Partners LLC is formed by local and international investors to pursue investment opportunities in the Puerto Rican media sector.

New free dailies in Latin America and Spain

Monday, September 24th, 2012

O Terminal 2012Thanks to the ongoing research of Marv Carlson of ABYZ Newslinks, some so-far unknown free dailies were discovered in Latin America.

Near the Brazilian metropol Rio, free afternoon papers Ter Notícias and O Terminal are published since 2010 in Niteroi, Sao Gonçalo, Macaé and Petrópolis (O Terminal) and Juiz de Fora (Ter Notícias).

In Guarulhos (Sao Paulo) daily Guarulhos Hoje is published for free since 2010, it was launched in 2008 as a paid paper.

Two papers from Ecuador were discovered. Diario Estacion was published from (at least) October 2010 to February 2011 in the capital Lima. A now defunct Twitter account still exists while there is also a YouTube movie on a sampling action of the paper.

El Gratuito, also published in Lima, started just after Diario Estacion stopped and using a similar color design, suggesting it succeeded Diario Estacion. The website is not available anymore, the Twitter account stopped in April 2011.

In Spain, Carlson discovered El Acueducto, a free paper published since April this year in Segovia (Castile and León). The paper is named after the famous aquaduct in the city.

Free weekly London magazine

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

scoutA new free – freemium according to the publisher – weekly has hit the London streets.

The paper promises to be:

Positively populist in its coverage, Scout London will distil the city’s best food and drink venues, shopping experiences, sport and fitness, film, comedy, club nights, arts and culture and live music into a free weekly publication.

125,000 copies of the magazine will be distributed at tube and railway stations, select retailers, hotels, health clubs and offices across the city. Featuring events taking place throughout the week the magazine will serve as an entertainment expert for Londoners whatever their interests.

The paper will be available every Tuesday, and will be also target in the next months the Olympic Games visitors to London.

The weekly can be viewed online and on iPads and iPhones as well.