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Österreich wants to cover all of Vienna

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

gross_mon-don_webFree Austrian newspare Österreich will start to distribute next week to all Vienna households. The paper wants to target people who avoid advertising.

The action will take place on three days: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Household distribution will amount to motre than one million copies. Another 600.000 copies will be distributed in th etraditional way. (Die Presse)

Prize nominations for Metro Photo Challenge

Monday, May 13th, 2013

quito challengeIn November 2012, Metro readers were surprised to find their newspaper completely without photos. This was no mistake. The ad agency TBWA Copenhagen had been tasked with developing a campaign for Metro Photo Challenge.

This “No Picture Edition” paid tribute to pictures by proving how much we miss them when they are not there.

This innovative campaign for the Metro Photo Challenge 2012 resulted in a 377% increase in participants, a 139% increase in visitors and 139% more photos.

It was the sixth time the competition ran worldwide, and the results were better than ever before.

The No Picture Campaign recently received four awards in the Creative Circle Awards: the Ambient Award, Integrated Award and Event & Digital Events Award. Metro also received the award for Client of the Year. Metro Photo Challenge in total received eight prize nominations from Creative Circle, INMA, Communicator Awards and Marketing Week. (Metro Press Release)

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 10.09.25 AM

Seee the Youtube video of how the audience reacted.

Fake frontpage ad causes political turmoil

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

The Vancouver edition of free daily 24 Hours on May 1st contained a politcal ad (Paid Advertisement) that caused some political turmoil. In British Columbia the election campaing is now in full swing.

The ad by the Liberal Party looked very much like a real frontpage, which made  other parties complain.

Adrian Dix, leader of the NDP “accused the Liberals of creating illusions, and mocked the ad, saying the Liberals had to buy the front page of a newspaper to claim victory in this week’s TV debate.”

According to Vanvouver newssite News1130 the ad was the actual front page in the paper edition, in the electronic edition it is on page 36. The e-edition can be viewed here.


Vienna spent €1.6m in three months in free media

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Thanks to the Austrian Medientransparenzgesetz we know now how much the Austrian government (including local governments, public broadcasting and public transport) spends on advertising in different media.

In the third quarter the total amount was €37 million, Vienna alone spent €6.4 million, €1.6 million went to the two free dailies Heute and Österreich (Kurier).

Tonight published in Sony-format

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

tonight2012SonyFree Toronto daily tonight is published in the size of Sony Canada’s new eReader today.

“In cooperation with Sony Canada, for one day only, Tonight has created a newspaper that is the exact dimensions of Sony Canada’s Reader, half the physical size of an average issue.

The 32-page edition, also a tonight first, will be displayed on each page in black and white inside the frame of Sony Canada’s Reader.” (Tonight press release)

The issue can be downloaded from tonight’s website.

Just two words: “brilliant marketing”.

Datajournalism on Austria’s Heute

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Heute-publisher Eva Dichand tried to silence Austrian website Dossier when they anounced a investigation into the advertising revenue of the free daily.

Dossier was intimidated and published three stories on Heute. They also showed some visualisations of the advertising revenues. The city of Vienna is one of the largest sponsors of the paper (click for large version). In total Heute receives around 30% of its income from public sources.


Der Standard used the data for visualisations of their own.

Quebecor wins Montreal advertising contract

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Quebecor Media will manage the advertising operations of the Montreal transit authority’s network of bus shelters for the next 20 years.

Quebecor Media wants to add digital advertising and wireless communication systems to the shelters.

Quebecor’s free daily 24heures is distributed in Montreal’s subway system. (Canadian Business)

Free newspaper advertising grows in Luxembourg

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Newspaper still have the largest market share in Luxembourg’s advertising budget: €82m of a total of €168m.

Newspapers showed an increase in advertising of 5%, free dailies are almost totally responsible for the growth as their  advertising revenues increased with 43%. (Luxemburger Wort)

Luxembourg has two competing free dailies Point24 (Saint Paul: Luxemburger Wort) and L’Essentiel (Tamedia/Editpresse: Das Tageblatt).

t.o.night Toronto as Chicago Trib.

Monday, February 7th, 2011

tonight_chicagoToronto’s free evening newspaper t.o.night was disguised as a Chicago Trib (as in Tribute, not in Tribune) today.

The paper had a four page wrap with a mock-front page of the Chicago Tribute to highlight the launch of TV-series “the Chicago Code” premiering on Global.

Publisher John Cameron explained in a email:

“The no logo wrap is the next step in the evolution of the wrap. Readers know what the publication is, so we have decided to give advertisers the opportunity to fully own the front page space when purchasing wraps, delivering them even more value for their ad dollars.”

The full paper can be downloaded from the t.o.night website.

Vienna accused of bribing media

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Hans Gasser, the new president of Austrian newspaper organization VÖZ, and publisher of economic paper Wirtschaftsblatt, asked questions about the Vienna city government spending lots of money for ads in ‘friendly’ media (see previous post).

It is suggested that the Vienna government gets favorable reporting in return. Gasser actually said that as a result of these spendings, influencing media is not impossible (Beeinflussung kann nie ausgeschlossen werden).

Engelbert Washietl, journalist and working for the ”Initiative Qualität im Journalismus” quoted Gasser in an article in the Wiener Zeitung and referred to the ad spending as “Bakschisch”, something that is best translated as “bribe”.

VÖZ is according to the article already talking with secretary of state for media, Josef Ostermayer, about the ad spending. Because it concerns taxpayers money, the spending should at least be public and transparent.

As the leading party, the socialist SPÖ, lost their majority in the election last Sunday, the money, was actually not very well spent.