About the author

Dr. Piet Bakker (1953) studied Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. He worked as a journalist for several newspapers, magazines and radio stations and was a teacher at the School for Journalism in Utrecht. He also organized workshops for newspapers publishers, gave lectures and works as a consultant on newspaper innovation.

Dr. Piet BakkerFrom 1985 to 2007 he worked at the Department of Communications at the University of Amsterdam / Amsterdam School of Communications Research (ASCoR) as an associate professor. He is now (from September 2007 on) professor Cross Media Content at the School of Journalism and Communication at the Hogeschool Utrecht. He is still member of ASCoR in Amsterdam as well. He edited and published books and articles on reading habits, media history, local journalism, internet, Dutch media, international news, investigative journalism, the music industry and free newspapers. He teaches mass communication and journalism at undergraduate and MA-level.

About Newspaperinnovation.com
The Newspaper Innovation weblog (launched August 2004) is a place where most information on free daily newspapers can be found. Scholars, students and people working in publishing and journalism should be able to find information on titles, circulation and publishers; and also links to articles on the subject and relevant news sites.

Information for this site (circulation data, papers, suggestions) was also provided by collegues, students, and journalists in many countries. Don’t hesitate to mail me with questions, suggestions or corrections.