The Moscow Times becomes a weekly

the moscow times newsThe Moscow Times, one of the oldest – pre-Metro – free newspapers in the world, has gone weekly this month. The newspaper was founded in 1992 by Independent Media (Dutch entrepreneur and journalis Derk Sauer was one of the founders.

The English-language paper went daily in October 1992. In 2006 it is was acquired by Finnish publisher SanomaWSOY who sold it to a Russian entrepreneur Demyan Kudryavtsev, a former chief executive of publishing house Kommersant, this spring.

It had a circulation of 35.000 and is distributed through 500 points in Moscow.

Derk Sauer annouced the non-daily plan already some weeks ago but on the website there is no information about the switch. There is, however, no daily paper later than October 30 available.

Editor in chief Nabi Abdullaev resigned because he and Kudryavtsev don’t see eye to eye about editorial independence.

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