Book on 20 years of Metro

Konsten att skaffa sig fiender i hela världen : historien om Metro
av Sakari Pitkänen

konsten-att-skaffa-sig-fiender-i-hela-varlden-historien-om-metroSakari Pitkänen, former long-time employee (editor in chief) of Metro wrote a book on 20 year history of the free Metro newspaper: “Konsten att skaffa sig fiender i hela världen: historien om Metro” (The art of making enemies in the whole  world: the story of Metro).

If the title don’t convince you, the short description will (translation with Google from Swedish): “The history of the Metro contains assault with automatic weapons, employees who are abused and directors who are put in jail.

On 13 February 1995 the first issue of Metro appeared. This book ‘celebrates’ its history. Sakari Pitkänen is the former executive editor of Metro International, which the world’s largest newspaper with a circulation of over 20 million copies a day.

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