No. 10 in a 67-part series: Finland – 18 years free newspapers

Uutislehti 100Finland was – after Sweden – the second country in Europe with a ‘modern’ free daily newspaper. Uutislehti 100 was launched by the Janton media group in 1997 in Helsinki.

Sanoma acquired 20% of the shares in Janton Oy in June 1998. In December 2003 the shares were sold because of Sanoma’s “strategy to divest its non-core assets and holdings”.

In 2004, however, Sanoma bought Uutislehti 100 from Janton Oyj. Sanoma publishes Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s largest paper and Ilta-Sanomat, Finland’s largest tabloid.

Metro entered the market in September, 1999. In 2006 Metro International sold Metro Finland to Sanoma. Metro was published as a franchise.

Sanoma Corporation closed Uutislehti 100 and incorporated it in Metro in September 2008. The plan to target Metro to a younger audience obviously did not work out.

Uutislehti 100 had a circulation just over 100,000. Metro’s circulation was somewhat higher.


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