Free newspaper war looms in Austria

kronen abend 2015Kronen Zeitung, the largest paid newspaper in Austria, is pushing its afternoon edition in capital Vienna to compete with free newspapers Heute and Österreich.

The afternoon edition is given away in taxi’s (3000 copies per day) and will be sold through the typical Austrian “newspaper bags” for €1 in 130 places according to Der Standard.

These bags are in Austria often referred to as “Klaubeutel” (steal bags) as many people take a paper but don’t pay or pay less than the price.

Kronen is still by far the best-read paper in the country with a 32 percent reach, far ahead of Heute (13 percent) and Österreich (10 percent).

But in Vienna Heute is the best-read paper with a reach of 36 percent against 25 percent for Kronen and 23 percent for Österreich. (data Media-Analyse 2013/2014)

Paid newspaper Kurier – the fourth paper in Vienna (17 percent reach) – is planning to convert its ailing afternoon edition (sales not more than a few hundred copies) into a free evening edition in February according to Der Standard. The paper will be free in the beginning at least, will be printed in half the size of Kurier (half Berliner) and be available from 16:00 on.

More on Austria in an earlier post on Newpsaper Innovation.

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