No. 5 in a 67-part series: Bulgaria – 19′ remains

19min_2012In 2008 two free dailies were launched in Bulgaria: 19′ (19 minutes) by Bal Media AD, and Gradski vestnik (City Newspaper) by Economedia (paid daily Dnevnik).

A year later Novinite dnes (The Daily News) was launched while 19′ expanded from the capital Sofia to Varna, Bourgas and Plovd.

Novinite dnes closed within a year – it reported it would convert to a paid model, but we have found no proof of that.

Also Gradski vestnik ended publication in 2009. The three local editions of 19′ were terminated in 2011.

Total circulation (reported by publishers) was more than half a million in 2008. In the last years 19′ reports a circulation of 120,000 copies.


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