No. 2 in a 67-part series: Andorra

In the tiny country of Andorra the development of free newspapers followed the Spanish – or actually the Catalonian – model. A quick rise in new titles around 2005.

Two free dailies were launched: Més Andorra and Bon Dia. Both of them are still published. Bon Dia has a sister paper in Lleida, there is also a Mes-paper published in the Barcelona area. Both papers publish in Catalan.

Bondia 30-Jan-2004 La Veu del Poble SL
Mes Andorra 3-Oct-2005 Comunicación Efectiva SL

Bondia (La Veu del Poble SL) started in January 2004, Més Andorra (Comunicación Efectiva SL.) in October 2005. There are also two paid newspapers in Andorra.

Circuation of both papers is not audited anymore by Introl, acccording to their own websites, circulation is around 5000 (Bon Dia) and 8000 (Més). All covers – in larger formats – are on the Newspaper Innovation Pinterest page.


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