Knesset passes anti “Israel Hayom” bill

Israel Today 2012The Israeli parliament has aproved the first reading of a bill that proposes to make the free distribution of newspapers illegal.

The bill is clearly targeted at free newspaper Israel Yahom (Israel Today) as it stipulates that it only concerns newspapers that are distributed 6 days a week and have at least 30 pages on weekdays and 100 pages in its weekend edition. The only free competitor, Israel Post, is published 5 days a week and is also much thinner.

Israel Yahom, financed by “the richest jew in the world”, US-casino bilionaire Sheldon Adelson, is a strong supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who called the bill a disgrace.

The bill is meant to protect paid newspapers agains Israel Hayom, by far the best-read paper in the country.

Globes, the business paper that reported on the bill, however, does not expect the bill to be apporved in parliament.

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