Second Kenya free daily within 6 months

people-daily_2014A few months after the launch of XNEWS, the first Kenyan free daily (see previous post), a second free newspaper entered the scene: People Daily.

This paper was formerly the paid The People newspaper while claims to be the first ‘national’ free daily – as XNEWS is only distributed in Nairobi.

The paper is published by Mediamax Network Ltd. (founded in 2009), a media firm active in radio and TV.

Mediamax is a media company associated with President Uhuru Kenyatta according to allAfrica. This website quotes Aly-Khan Satchu, chief executive officer of Nairobi-based Rich Management Ltd.:

“The owners have deep pockets and possess political raison d’etre, and most probably the goal is to give the allies of the president a platform that can reach the masses”

People Daily wants to compete the Daily Nation (circulation around 170,000) and The Standard (48,000), it claims to distribute 110,000 copies.

Free daily newspapers have been scarce in sub-Sahara Africa, only South-Africa had some titles a few years ago. Also a government-owned free daily is published in Botswana. Free weeklies are more common.

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