Can you go online and make money? The 20 Minuten example

20minuten2013Swiss free newspaper 20 Minuten is not only the best-read paper in the country – and the paper with the highest circulation, but also the most succesful Swiss online paper.

20 Minuten never bothered about cannibaliztion and embraced (and invested in) online from the start. The paper has a fully integrated print/online newsroom, and has a “web first” strategy.

Swiss media website Persoenlich contained an interview (in German) with 20 Minuten editor Marco Boselli: “Die Rock’n'Roll-Band unter den Medien”.

Subjects: the integrated newsroom, the use of interns, copy/paste journalism, service-journalism, apps, magazines and profits:

“Ich kenne die Rentabilitäten anderer Tageszeitungen leider nicht. Aber ja, es läuft uns gut, und wir leisten sicher einen schönen Beitrag an die Zahlen von Tamedia.”

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