Free newspapers in Europe 1995 – 2012

In 1995 total circulation of free newspapers in Europe was 230,000 (Metro Stockholm). Five years later it had increased to more than 5 million – with 32 titles in 13 countries.

The highest circulation was reached in 2007: 27 million (140 titles in 31 countries). In 2012 total circulation was down to 15 million (75 titles in 27 countries).

In 2006 and 2007 the number of papers per country was around 4.5 – meaning compettition in almost every market. in 2012 there are less that 3 titles per country; and as a number of those are local papers, competition has vanished or diminished in most markets.


An recent article by me on free newspapers in Western Europe is published in the Danish journal Journalistica.

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