Adelson – “the world’s wealthiest Jew” – on Israeli newspapers

138708237191194458a_t_engBusiness paper Globes contained an interesting interview with Sheldon Adelson, with $37 billion “the fifth wealthiest man in the US, and the world’s wealthiest Jew”.

Gambling billionaire Adelson controls a major part of the press in Israel. He owns the largest Israli newspaper, freesheet Israel Today, and by printing contracts also supported paid newspaper Haaretz. But after Israel Today buying its own printing plant, Haaretz is believed to run into financial troubles soon.

“I’m not killing the newspaper “Haaretz” and if “Haaretz” is on its way down it’s because it’s killing itself” Adelson told Globes.

Although Israel Today and Adelson clearly support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the owner denies to do so, and instead launched an attack at ¬†the “unofficial dictator Noni Mozes”, publisher of the largest paid Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot:

“what you see is what Noni Mozes writes about Bibi exaggerations, half-truths and lies, and what you read in our newspaper is a fair and balanced viewpoint not only about Bibi but about everyone”

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