Swiss Blick am Abend expands online

Free Swiss evening paper Blick am Abend is upgrading their online business. The paper is second in readership after leading (free) daily 20 Minuten, but lags further behind online.

To expand their online operation Blick am Abend is hiring new journalist for the website, offer 24/24 news updates, and will change banners for native advertising.

The new website should not cannibalize the website of paid (tabloid) paper Blick, but if it does, publisher Florian Fels thinks it’s better that Blick am Abend cannibalizes instead of another (20 Minuten?) website:

und wenn doch, dann kannibalisiere‚Äčn wir uns lieber selbst, als dass es andere tun.” (Persoenlich)

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 12.06.00

Not everybody in Switzerland is a fan of online, in an interview with Freiewelt, Professor Kurt Imhoff says that free information destroyed journalism (Interview is in German).

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