UK: The Sun loses 1.8 million readers in 5 years

The Sun is still the paper with most readers the UK – just over 6 milion every day – but it’s 23% less than five years ago when the paper had almost 8 million readers (NRS data).

The drop in numbers (1.8 million) is impressive, but in percentage The Mirror (-27%), Daily Telegraph (-36%), The Times (-30%), Daily Express (-31%), The Guardian (-28%), Daily Record (-36%) and The Independent (-46%) lost more.

The Daily Star and the Daily Mail (both -18% since 2007/2008) performed somewhat better than average.

Free daily Metro saw its readership increase with 3% in five years, The Evening Standard (free since October 2009) saw an increase of 162% since 2007/2008 when the paper was still paid. In the last three years readership is around 1.5 million. (Clcik on graph for bigger version.)


Compared to the same period last year, the Daily Star (-19%), The Guardian (-16%) and The Independent (-22%) lost most readers. The Evening Standard and “i” both gained 1% in readership.

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