New Swiss readership research method: more readers for 20 Minuten

That free Swiss daily 20 Minuten increased readers is actually not news. It has been growing almost permanentely since launch. What is news, is that part of its growth can be attributed to a change in method by Wemf, the Swiss readership survey organization.

Wemf has changed its sample; also people with a landline phone and people with only a cell phone could be reached. The new sample consist now for 20% of persons from these new groups. According to Wemf 20% of the newspaper have seen their readership change because of the new method.

This claims, actually, seems to be somewhat too modest. It looks that the three out of four leading Swiss newspapers profitted from the change: both free dailies 20 Minuten and Blick am Abend; and tabloid paper Blick increased much more than could be expected. The free dailies did not change their circulation, Blick decreased circulation. Traditional quality paper Tages-Anzeiger lost some readers.


Also in the French speaking part the free daily 20 Minuten and tabloid Le Matin profited most. Apparentely these titles have more readers in the mobile phone population.


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