Prize nominations for Metro Photo Challenge

quito challengeIn November 2012, Metro readers were surprised to find their newspaper completely without photos. This was no mistake. The ad agency TBWA Copenhagen had been tasked with developing a campaign for Metro Photo Challenge.

This “No Picture Edition” paid tribute to pictures by proving how much we miss them when they are not there.

This innovative campaign for the Metro Photo Challenge 2012 resulted in a 377% increase in participants, a 139% increase in visitors and 139% more photos.

It was the sixth time the competition ran worldwide, and the results were better than ever before.

The No Picture Campaign recently received four awards in the Creative Circle Awards: the Ambient Award, Integrated Award and Event & Digital Events Award. Metro also received the award for Client of the Year. Metro Photo Challenge in total received eight prize nominations from Creative Circle, INMA, Communicator Awards and Marketing Week. (Metro Press Release)

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Seee the Youtube video of how the audience reacted.

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