Free newspapers in Europe: new data

As most circulation data for European papers is now available, it is possible to publish the total European data. In February we already presented an earlier version, but the data below are more exact (and somewhat lower).

Compared to 2011, circulation dropped with 11% to 15.5 million copies. The number of countries with free dailies remained the same with 27, the number of titles went down from 81 to 75.

Free dailies closed down in Denmark (Urban), Greece (Metro), Italy (City), Luxembourg (Point24), Spain (Qué!, Telegrafico Madrid) and the Netherlands (De Pers). Editions were closed by Direct Matin Plus (France), Metro (Italy) and 20 Minutos (Spain). Other papers just lowered distribution.


In the coming weeks I will focus in detail on developments in different European countries.

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