Takeover of Metro results in early closing time for Spits

This morning free dailies Metro and Spits – both owned by Dutch media group TMG – covered the Boston bomb attack quite differently.

Actually, Spits didn’t cover it at all. After TMG took over Metro it started printing the new acquisition itself, resulting in a closing time for Spits of 20:15. This explained why Spits could not cover the attack.


For a newspaper focusing on News and Entertainment (Spits’ tag-line), a closing time of 21:15 could be lethal.

Spits usually had a very strong sports section. But with an early closing time, European football, matches of the national team and for the KNVB-Cup (evening) cannot be covered anymore.

There have been speculations about the future of both newspapers within one company, in terms of printing times, TMG has already chosen…

In the past also free newspapers in Denmark that were published (and printed) by major publishing houses (Dato by Berlingske, 24timer by JP/Politiken) suffered from early closing times.

Sources: Metro (pdf) and Spits (pdf)

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