Metro Denmark goes blue

metroXpress_2013The sale of the Danish edition of Metro (called MetroXpress) to Swiss publisher Tamedia has resulted in a total makeover of the last remaining  free newspaper in that country.

The paper has kept the ‘metroxpress’ name, but changed the green color to blue (like the color of their Swiss free daily 20 Minuten) and introduced the ‘MX’ brand in a new logo (right, click on picture for bigger version). The new website is now

This new brand was introduced on April 2, the paper has a circulation of 400,000.

This weekend version counted no less than 64 pages, it can be viewed as e-paper as well.

Sister paper 24timer closed down last month.

Tamedia also operates a free newspaper in Luxembourg, together with incumbent publishing house Editpress. The Swiss paper is published in three different languages: German, French and Italian.

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