Denmark: and then there was one

Once upon a time, long time ago in 2006, there were no less than 10 free newspapers in the kingdom of Denmark.

But that did not last too long. After 7 long years only one remains: MetroXpress, the first to come, the last one standing.

After the closures of Dato (2007), Nyhedsavisen (2008), Urban (2012) now also 24timer will close down. The last issue will be published on 22 Friday March.

Total circulation of free dailies in Denmark was 2 million in 2006, down to 185,000 now. (click on graph for bigger version)


24timer was launced in 2006 by JP/Politiken in the great Danish free newspaper craze. In 2008 the paper was sold to Metro International, in return of a share of Metro Denmark. In 2008 the Danish Metro (called MetroXpress) was sold to Swiss publisher Tamedia (owner of the very successful free daily 20 Minuten in Switzerland).

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