UK Readership #2: the age issue

Only the two free dailies in UK and four paid papers (Daily Star, The Sun, The Independent and The Guardian), have more than 50% of their readers in the “below 45″ age group.

The data from NRS is from 2006 and 2011 Рin 2012 NRS used different age groups so data can not be compared.

The two free dailies have the youngest readership in 2011: around 70% is in the 15-45 group. The Daily, The Express and The Daily Telegraph have less than 30% in this group.

Surprisingly, the new ‘i’ paper has only ¬†40% of their readers in this group, comparable to The Times and The Daily Mirror.

All papers saw the 45+ group grow in the five years between 2006 and 2011, the Daily Star with 14%, the Mail and Record with 8% and the Express with 7%.

Even Metro saw the older group increase with 6%; the Evening Standard is the exception (as a result of going free) and saw the younger group increase. (click for bigger version)


Later today: data on social grades differences between titles and male/female readership.

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