Free dailies grow in Latin America

In total, the circulation of free newspapers worldwide is dropping, but in Asia and particularly in Latin America circulation is stil going up.

Since 1999, free dailies have been introduced in 11 countries on the continent. Between 2001 and 2004, circulation declined but after that circulation showed a permanent increase.

Leading are Brazil with a circulation of more than one million and Mexico (780,000 daily copies). (click for bigger version)

free_latin_1999_2011In 2011 36 different titles were published, 8 in Argentina and Brazil, 6 in Mexico. The latest additions were papers in Bolivia, Guatemala and Peru (2011).

Metro is a strong brand in Latin America, with papers (often as a local franchise) in Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

Market share is impressive in some cases, particular in Dominican Republic (Diario Libre and Al Dia), Chile (Metro and La Hora).


An analysis of the market development is published in Revista de Comunicación, Vol. 11, a publication of The Facultad de Comunicación in Piura (Peru).

Facultad de Comunicación
Ciudad: Piura

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