German newspapers perform better?

The New York Times reported on German newspapers: “Germany still looks like a bastion of print” although some troubles were visible like the Frankfurter Rundschau filing for bankrupcy, Financial Times Deutschland closing and the financial problems of press agency DAPD.

Germans still read a lot of newspapers (72% on a daily basis) and cope with problems by raising the price of newspapers, a maketing campaing and asking the government for the introduction of an internet tax.

By the look of it, German newspapers are not much different from papers in the Nordic countries, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Rising prices is an accepeted practice, while the other two measures have not shown any positive results yet.

In terms of circulation, German papers claim minimal loses. Auditing organization IVW shows a average yearly 3% decline over the last five years (including Sunday papers), which is not that different from other countries in the same region.


Free newspapers were never a German thing, only in the period 1998-2001 more than 100,000 copies were distributed.

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