Metro: out of Europe II

In yesterday’s post – or rather in yesterdays’ graph – I probably put too much information.

I tried to show all countries and all ownership shifts in all years. The left axis was circulation (x 1000), the right axis share of majority owned Metro’s. Solid fills in a country meant majority ownership; patterned fills indicate a minority ownership or a franchise.

Confusing. Too Much Information.

The graph below is more straightforward. Total circulation of all Metro’s is divided in majority ownership (dark green) and minority ownership or franchises (light green). Together with yesterday’s graph they show the development of Metro ownership in Europe.


So far, Metro closed in five European countries: Croatia (2008, EPH franchise) and fully / majority owned operations in Poland (2007), Spain (2009), Switzerland (2002) and the UK (2000).

The changes in ownership (with new owners) took place in

  • 2006 Finland (Sanoma)
  • 2007 Czech Republic (Mafra / Rheinische Post)
  • 2009 Portugal (Cofina), Italy (Litusud)
  • 2010 Greece (Volos)
  • 2011 Hungary (Megapolis), France (TF1)
  • 2012 Netherlands (Telegraaf), Denmark (Tamedia)

In Russia St. Petersburg started as a Metro franchise in 2009 Metro became majority owner. The Moscow Metro is a franchise, operate by AFK Sistema.

One Response to “Metro: out of Europe II”

  1. Alek Says:

    It will be nice to see this graph vs. Metro investments outside of the Europe over last years.