Danish newspapers continue readership slide

All Danish newspapers Information (+7%) lost readers in 2012 (first six months) compared to the same period in in 2011. (Data from TNS Gallup)

MetroXpress is still leading with 4000,000 readers (-8%), before Politiken (375,000; -3%), Jyllands Posten (344,000; -6%) and free daily 24timer (299,000; -7%).

Both free dailies did not profit from the closure of free daily Urban in the beginning of 2012. A similar pattern was visible in the Netherlands.

Compared to 10 years ago, MetroXpress is back were it started, Politiken lost 25% of its readers, Jyllands Posten 52%, Ekstra Bladet 49% and Berlingske 46% and BT 54%. 224timer lost 33% of its readers since 2007. (click for bigger version)


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