Newspaper war in Israel

Israeli paid paper Maariv was recently sold to Shlomo Ben-Zvi’s Hirsch Media, also publisher of right-wing daily Makor Rishon.

Late 2005 Shlomo Ben-Zvi started the first free Israeli newspaper HaYisraeli and soon invited American casino mogul Sheldon Adelson to invest in the paper. Both co-owners fell out over investments and the content of the paper – Adels0n apparentely wanted an even stronger support for Netanyahu’s Likud Party than Ben-Zvi.

Adels0n and Shlomo Ben-Zvi started suing each other in late 2006. Adelson launched his own free daily Israel Today in 2007 – after a failed attempt to control Maariv (now acquired by Ben-Zvi). By then HaYisraeli was bankrupt. Israel Today became the largest newspaper in the country within only a few years.

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