Free dailies in Mexico

Latin America is one of the few areas in the world with a rising circulation of paid and free newspapers. In the upcoming issue of Revista de Comunicación I will publish an article on Latin-American free dailies.

In the coming weeks I will publish already some data on how free dailies developed in different countries on the continent.


In Mexico free dailies started in 2000, from 2005 on the number of titles and circulation increased almost every year. In fact, a news generation took over as none of the titles from the earlier years survived.

24horas_mxMetro (Publimetro) is with three editions now the free daily with the highest circulation, Más por Más (Mexico City) is second and El Nuevo Mexicano (also Mexico City) third.

In 2011 24horas started in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla, Queretaro and Leon. In Merida free daily PuntoMedio started in 2009.

Two more free dailies are published in Mexico but as their circulation is unknown, they are not in the graph.

El Tren is published in Monterey from 2005 on, while Puntual started in 2007 in Puebla (’discovered’ by Marv Carlson’s ABYZ News Links)

[Update: in November 2011 El Gratuito started in Guadalajara - circulation 100,000 - not in graph.]

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