Five years of Israel Today

Israel Today 2012Free Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom (Israel Today) celebrated its fifth anniversary on July 30.

Special guest for the event was its owner, American casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, one of the richest jews in the world according to the Jerusalem Post.

Adelson told Israel Today’s employees that they “have led a revolution” and asked them “to continue the good work” according to Globes. The good work mainly consists of giving unconditional support to the right-wing politics of Israels Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Before 2007 Adelson was already active in Israeli media (and politics – much of the same thing). He financed in 2005 another free daily, HaYisraeli, but colided with his co-founder Shlomo Ben-Zvi who accused him of interfering with the editorial policy. Ben-Zvi was accused by Adelson of transferring money to other operations.

Adelson also tried to get control over paid paper Ma’ariv. When this did not succeed, he launched Israel Today in July 2007.

This free daily paper is now the most succesful newspaper in Israel in readership and circulation. On weekdays 275,000 copies are distirubuted, the weekend edition has a circultion of 325,000. The page count is between 64 and 140.

Israel Today has an impact on other papers as well. Paid paper Yediot Ahronot will sack dozens of journalist because of the competition from Israel Today, which is “destroying journalism” according to the paper (Globes).

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