Italy: readers & circulation

After long years of relative stability, paid newspaper circulation in Italy started to drop in 2008 and the next years.

Between 2007 and 2010 paid circulation went from 5.5 million tot 4.6 million. If this trend goes on, paid circulation will be around 4.1 million at the end of 2012 (estimation).

Also free circulation dropped substantially. In 2008 it was 4.6 million, almost 50% of the total Italian newspaper market. In 2012 free circulation is down to 1.9 million after closures of free dailies City, E Polis and 24minuti and lower circulation for remaining titles Leggo, Metro, DNews and InCitta.


The last complete readership and circulation data are from 2010. When these data are combined, it shows that sports paper Gazzetta dello Sport is read by no less than 13.2 people, Corriere dello Sport lags behind with ‘only’ 8.6 readers.

Most national paid papers have a high number of readers per copy (around 7). Business paper Il Sole 24 Ore and the Berlusconi-paper Il Giornale have ‘only’ 4.3/4.2 readers per copy.

Free papers show a low number of readers per copy. The now-defunct City (closed in the beginning of 2012) had 2 readers per copy, Metro and Leggo 1.7 and DNews less than 1. One of the reasons could be that circulation data (not officially audited in Italy) are lower than reported.


Since 2010 all papers, however, have lost circulation, so 2011/2012 data could show a slightly different picture.

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