13 years of Dutch free dailies

On 21 June 1999 both Metro and Spits launched in the Netherlands. Today both papers are celebrating their 13th birthday.

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In terms of circulation and readership 2008 was the best year for both papers, reaching a total circulation of one milion and more than 1.8 million readers for each of them.

Metro has always been leading in circulation (except for 2004 and 2005), it took over from Spits as market leader in readership in 2007. In 2012 (data Q1) both papers increased circulation again.

Metro launched local editions in Rotterdam (2004) and Amsterdam (2005). Between 203 and 2005 it also published a Saturday edition.

In 2007 two other free dailies were launched: DAG (by PCM, until 2008) and De Pers. This last paper closed down in March 2012.


Readership data from NOM-printmonitor. Circulation Hoi-online.

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