Swiss free weekly 10 Minuti closed

Picture 31Tamedia’s free daily 20 Minuten/Minutes/Minuti rules in Switzerland. In all three language areas the paper is present.

The last addition, 20 Minuti, launched together with local paper La Regione Ticino in the Italian part of the country, started in September 2011.

Right-wing politician Boris Bignasca (right) launched the also free 10 Minuti, first as a three-times-a-week paper. In the beginning of this year the paper went weekly, and this week it stopped altogether. It claimed to have 20,000 readers (Persoenlich).

20 Minuti had a circulation of 36,000 – the German language version has a circulation of 500,000, the French edition distributes 200,000 copies. Total circulation is 735,000.

This makes 20 Minuten not only the paper with the highest circulation in Switzerland (second paper Blick has a circulation of less than 200,000), but also the paper with the highest readership (1.8 million), the most visited news website (1.75 million user per month) and the most downloaded news app. (740,000 users in April 2012).

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