Readers per copy: Austria

heute_readers_per_copyFree daily Heute – the only national all-free daily in the country – has increased circulation and readership during the last years.

The number of readers per copy, however, is stil low (1.6 in 2011) although it has increased over the last years.

Circulation of free/paid paper Österreich is no longer audited by ÖAK so the number of readers per copy is not easy to assess. However, based on data from previous years it is probably around 1.5.

A low number of readers per copy (in the Netherlands is is well above 3) suggest problems with distribution (outside public transport) on many copies not picked up.

Paid paper in Austria have more readers per copy, leading tabloids Kronen Zeitung and Kurier, and quality paper Der Standard havebetween 3 and 4 readers per copy.

Readership data are from (Click on picture for bigger version)

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