Metro Holland to 524,000 copies

metro2012Metro Holland will increase circulation in 2012 Q2 to 524,000. In Q1 circulation was increased to 464,000 according to the publisher. In 2011 the average circulation was 434.000. The new circulation, is not yet officially confirmed by auditing organization HOI-online.

The increased circulation is the result of the closure of free dialy De Pers in March. Metro took over some distribution channels and 70 distributors. Circulation in restaurants, hospitals and the Rotterdam area is increased.

With the new circulation Metro claims to be the “Largest Newspaper in the Netherlands”.

This is not true. De Telegraaf is stil the newspaper with the highest circulation: 619,000 copies in 2011 (543,000 paid).

Metro adds that it is the largest in the group 18-54. There are no data, however, to support that claim. Also, being the largest in a certain age group refers to readership, not to circulation.

Below the latest readership data (2011) from NOM-Printmonitor. Metro have more readers in the age group below 50, but not more in the group below 65. The 18-54 group is not reported in public data from NOM.


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