INMA award for Metro Poland

no face day1The free daily ”Metro” (Agora, Poland) won an INMA (International Newsmedia Marketing Association) award for their ”No face day” project.

The ”No face day” street event (March 2, 2011) was part of the online social campaign by Symantec, Asus and Vobis to gain publicity to the problem of cyber crimes and the risks of sharing personal data via internet.

Metro readers got their copy of the newspaper from masked distributors whose strange, disturbing, faceless apparition symbolized loss of identity in cyber space. The event was further supported by Metro’s wrap-around informative cover with a symbolic picture of a young man with his face torn off the paper.

The 77th edition of INMA Awards garnered 540 entries from 141 marketing newsmedia companies in 34 countries. More about the competition and this year’s winners.

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