Metro Holland increases circulation

PMJensenMetro International CEO Per Mikael Jensen said in an interview in Dutch financial daily FD that the paper will increase circulation with 50,000 copies.

Background is the closure of third Dutch free daily De Pers in March.

Metro distributed 480,000 daily copies on average in 2011, competitor Spits distributed 390,000 copies. The circulation of De Pers was around 300,000.

Metro Holland showed disappointing results in Q1 2012 (EBIT margin -3%), in the whole year 2011 the EBIT margin was 2%.

Metro has already taken over some distribution points of De Pers.

That it is not that easy to improve results after a competitor closes down, showed Metro Denmark. Alhough competitor Urban closed down in the beginning of this year, the results dropped from +8% EBIT margin in Q1 2011 to -2% in Q1 2012.

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