Dutch army hands out free papers

Screen shot 2012-04-05 at 1.12.10 PMTo support a recruitement campaign for the Dutch army, more than 150 uniformed soldiers in 21 major cities assisted the regular distributors of free daily Spits (Telegraaf Media Group) with distributing the newspaper today.

According to Spits editior-in-chief Jan-Jaap de Kloet, the action, which was initiatied by the Dutch ministry of Defence, generated a lot of free publicity on websites, tv and radio.


National tv-news Nos-journaal (radio and  tv), Pownews and commercial news program Hart van Nederland covered the campaign.

The Ministry of Defense already had a longer relation with the free newspaper, as their target groups are very much the same.

The free newspaper contained an eight-page section (left) sponsored by the Ministry of Defense. Job opportunities, schooling, options for foreign missions were covered in interviews and editorial contributions.

Op 21 stations in het land wezen meer dan 150 militairen het publiek er dan op dat Defensie komend jaar 3000 vacatures moet vervullen.
Defensie moet deze regeerperiode 1 miljard euro bezuinigingen en verlaagt het aantal banen met 12.000. De ontslagen vallen vooral in kantoorfuncties. Om marineschepen te laten varen en pantservoertuigen te laten rijden, blijft het nodig nieuwe mensen te werven.

Screen shot 2012-04-05 at 3.18.35 PM

The Ministry of Defense seeks people for 3000 vacancies. Although the Minustry has to cut costs by one billion, and has to let 12,000 people go, these cuts will mainly affect administrative personal. Millitairy staff is still needed.

I spoke to several army staff members this morning in Utrecht who doubled as newspaper distributors.

All of them were exited to do the job, also because it was “something completely different” compared to their usual work.

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