Czech Metro from minority to franchise

metro_czech_2012Metro International today announced that its equity stake in Metro Czech Republic will decrease from 40.0% to 6.7% due to a decision not to participate in a capital increase.

Metro sold 60% of Metro Czech Republic in December 2007 to Mafra Media Group, a German media conglomerate controlled by the publishers of Rheinische Post (Düsseldorf).

Mafra bought the majority of Metro in the Czech Republic and ‘merged’ the paper with its own free daily Metropolitní Expres. Mafra now owns 93.3% of  Metro Czech Republic, that will operated as a franchise from now on.

“The decision not to participate in the capital increase is yet another step in the strategy where Metro aims to focus on emerging markets” according to the Metro press release.

One Response to “Czech Metro from minority to franchise”

  1. Jakob Says:

    You’re not missing what’s going on in Metro right now, right?

    Q4 report last wednesday, and friday mid day they stopped the trade in the stock because of some information isn’t spread to everyone… (much hoped, and assumed, to be a bid from another company)