De Pers 5 years

DePers2012Dutch free daily De Pers celebrates it 5 year birthday today.

The special issue (can be downloaded from here) contains a selection of the best stories that have been in the paper according to the editors. De Pers will also launch a book with stories from the last 5 years.

De Pers wanted to be the largest free newspaper in the Netherlands when it was launched in 2007. It never was (in the first year it had a circulation of 480,000), but its ambitions were substantial.

Print run was expected to grow to one million, while the paper also launched a saturday edition, a financial paper (a test run) and a series of books.

The paper lost millions of Euro’s and cut circulation to 220,000 in 2009. In that year, Marcel Boekhoorn, the owner of De Pers closed a deal with Wegener (Mecom) to print and distribute the paper, and sell advertising for a fixed fee for the next 11 years.

Although the deal was not very profitable for Wegener, De Pers was saved and is now again increasing the circulation to more than 300,000.

De Pers is very different from ‘regular’ free papers. It relies much less on wire copy and tries to build its own agenda with original news.

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