The closures of 2011

Looking at the graph below, the number of closed down free dailies in 2011 seems impressive. In particular the number of closed down editions (76) is much higher than in 2010 (39). The number of titles closed down (10), however, is lower than in 2010 (17).

In fact, three European titles are responsible for almost all of these editions closed: Adevarul de Seara, ADN and Leggo.

Adevarul de Seara, a Romanian free daily with no less than 39 editions, launched between 2008 and 2010 closed down wihin three years, some editions did not even last one year.

ADN, the third national free daily in Spain closed with 9 editions after 5 years of making losses.

Leggo, the leading Italian free daily closed all but the Rome and Milan editions (10 in total) in order to cut costs.

Other closures in 2011 concern Macedonia (2 papers), and 5 local papers in US, Canada and Mexico.

Worldwide circulation of free dailies increased in 2011, because of new launches and increases circulation of other titels.


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