Metro Holland paying for user-pictures

Screen shot 2011-12-27 at 11.27.24 AMFrom January 2 on, readers who send in a picture that is used for the Dutch edition of Metro, will be paid for their efforts.

Metro is cooperating with Scoopshot, a service that works for professional and amateur photographers.¬†Photographers have to download an app for either Android (right) or iPhone to offer news photo’s.

In some cases Metro will ask for photo’s on special occasions and set the price in advance, but users can also upload other photo’s and define their own price. Media have 48 hours to buy the picture – if a picture is bought exclusively the price is 10 times as high.

In Denmark and Sweden, Metro already uses Scoopshot for reader-photo’s. Also other media – particularly in Finland – have used Scoopshop photo’s.

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