Newspaper readership Denmark

The graph below shows it all. Readership for almost all Danish newspapers keeps on declining.

Jyllands Posten lost more than half of its readers in the last 14 years, Politiken lost a third.

Free dailies Metro (still no. 1), 24Timer and Urban lost readers as well. The last title lost 60% of its readers compared to 2005.


3 Responses to “Newspaper readership Denmark”

  1. No change Says:

    Actually Metro has same readership as 2006. Only that they have split it up into two free papers, MetroExpress and 24timer, because of state subsidies.

  2. Piet Bakker Says:

    Yes indeed, but 24timer had 443,000 readers in 2007 (now 308,000) – Metro had 574,000 readers then, now 413,000.

  3. Urban closes, Metro International last man standing | Says:

    [...] people would probably go for the one that matched their interests best – and judging from Piet Bakker’s recentĀ calculation of readership, I’d say they apparently did.Second, Berlingske Media was under immense pressure (to say the [...]