Job cuts because of Indy, ‘i’ & Standard cooperation

EveningStandard2010Journalists of UK newspaper The Independent threaten to go on strike if the plans for merging departments of the paper with cheapy ‘I’ and freebie Evening Standard result in compulsorily redundancies (Roy Greenslade in The Guardian).

In total 20 jobs will be lost, 10 at The Independent and 10 at the Evening Standard.

The owners of the three titles, the Russian Lebedev family, wants to merge sports and business, while also the travel department could be affected.

The Evening Standard – free since October 2009 and increasing circulation to more 700,000 – expects to be profitable next year. The Independent, however is losing money. Last month The Independent ended their international single copy sales editions and also started cutting back on bulks sales (free or almost-free copies). This resulted in a circulation decline of 27% to 130,000.

The cheap Indy-sister ‘i’ has promising sales but as it only sells for 20p, money has to come from advertising. The circulation in October of ‘i’ was 211,00 although this included 30,000 (mostly unpaid) bulk copies.

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