Metro 1995-2011

Metro launched their first free newspaper in Sweden in 1995. After expansion in Europe (Hungary, Czech republic, Denmark, Holland) it started in the America’s (Argentina, Canada, USA, Chile) in 2000 and in Asia (Korea, Kong Kong) in 2002.

More countries were added in later years although some editions were also closed down (Spain, Poland, Argentina, Croatia, Switzerland).

Until 2007 circulation increased year on year (growing to more than 8 million copies) but in 2008 and 2009 circulation dropped – mainly in Europe.

While Europe and Asia have shown stable circulation during the last years, there is growth in the America’s, mostly in the Spanish speaking part. Total circulation is back again to more than 8 million copies a day. (click for bigger version)


Circulation includes all Metro, PubliMetro, MetroXpres, Metropol, Publinews, MetroHoy and Metropolis titles published or franchised by Metro International and 24timer (Denmark).

Not included are Metro’s commercial partners in Spain, the UK and Belgium.

Most Metro’s are not fully owned by Metro, however.┬áIn Europe only Holland is fully owned, Sweden, Denmark and St. Petersburg are majority owned (38% of Metro’s 4.6 million copies). The rest is franchised and/or minority owned.

In the America’s only Chile (100%) and Colombia (51%) are majority owned – less than 10% of Metro 2.6 million copies).

In Asia Hong Kong is fully owned by Metro, Korea is a Metro franchise.

In 1995 more than 90% of all free newspaper copies were published by Metro. Their market share in Europe dropped to 20% in 2008 but increased again to 25% in 2011. In the America’s Metro’s share is 36% after the recent launches while the share in Asia is just above 10%.


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