Metro Guadalagara

Metro International today launched its third Mexican ‘Publimetro’ edition in Guadalajara. In 2006 Mexico City started, in 2008 an edition in Monterry was launched.

The Guadalagara Publimetro has a circulation of 45,000 copies from Monday to Friday, and is hand delivered by 50 promoters at strategic locations in Guadalajara.

Metro in Mexico has now a total circulation of 245,000 copies.

With 4.4 million inhabitants, the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area is the second most populated in Mexico.

The launch is already the sixth Metro launch in Latin America this year after Peru, Guatemala, Colombia and th Belo Horizonte and Curitiba editions in Brazil.

Earlier two free dailies were available in Guadalagara. El Nuveo Siglio (weekly since 2000) went daily in 2004 but moved to online only in 2010. El Tren started in 2000 but is now only published three days a week.

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