20 minuti

20-minutiSome free newspapers have two different language editions (Belgium, Luxembourg, Baltic states, Spain) but the new launch in Switzerland is probably the first paper with three different language editions.

Since three weeks a Italian language version of free daily 20 Minuten is available in Ticino, the Italian speaking part of the country.

The paper launched September 14, and has a circulation of 36,000. Distribution will be through boxes in 245 public places.

The paper is jointly owned by Tamedia (20 Minuten, 20 Minutes) and Giacomo Salvioni, publisher of paid daily La Regione Ticino. 20 Minuti is printed by Ringier. (Persoenlich)

The German version launched in 1999, and grew to five editions in 2005. The French version was launched in 2006 and now publishes two versions. Total circulation al all editions is 740,000.

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