Free newspapers grow again in Austria

heute2011The circulation of free newspapers Heute and Österreich increased with 7% between 2010 and the first 6 months of 2011 according to the most recent ÖAK audit.

Heute increased circulation from 541,000 to 574,00 copies while the free circulation of Österreich grew from 222,000 to 248,000. Apart from that, Österreich also has a paid circulation of 137,000.

In Vienna Heute leads with 389,000 copies – meaning also bigger than Austria’s largest newspaper Kronen Zeitung (126,000 copies in Vienna). Österreich distributes 197,000 free copies in Vienna.

Austrian media website Unzensuriert (uncensored) reports that the political advertising in free dailies (and in Kronen Zeitung) will be officially investigated. Almost a third of the advertising in Heute comes from government and other political inspired sources.

This year, the minister for education already paid Österreich half a million Euro’s for advertising – Heute received € 264,000. (Die Presse)

In the battle between the two free dailies Heute hired two Österreich staff members: Wolfgang Höllrigl and Maria Jelenko-Benedikt. (Horizont)

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